Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bumpin' on Wednesday

Ed Townsend - Maybe I'll Bump

The late writer/producer/performer Ed Townsend is mainly known for the one hit he recorded, 1958's "For Your Love," and the three hit songs he wrote, "The Love of My Man," "Let's Get It On" (co-written and co-produced with Marvin Gaye) and "Finally Got Myself Together (I'm a Changed Man)." On the strength of the latter, a #1 R&B hit for The Impressions in 1974 (which Townsend also produced), Curtom Records released the solo album Now in 1975. To my knowledge, no singles were pulled from the album. Most of the album is made up of somewhat odd-sounding ballads such as "The Moving Finger Writes" and "How Could You Do It?" Today's selection, however, is a refreshing up-tempo slab of fun that couples the then-current Bump dance craze with his story of infatuation.

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