Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pickett's Helping Hand

Wilson Pickett - I'm a Midnight Mover

Today's selection is the second Pickett track from the great The Midnight Mover album that Pickett recorded at the American studios in Memphis. Playing guitar on those sessions and penning several of the songs (including today's selection) was the soul legend Bobby Womack, who, at that time, was a persona non grata in the soul music business after marrying Sam Cooke's widow shortly after Sam's death. Disc jockeys were refusing to play his records and he was doing session work to pay the bills. Pickett was impressed with Womack's songs and hit with both "I'm a Midnight Mover" and "I'm in Love," effectively revitalizing Womack's career. By the end of the decade Womack would hit on Minit with several songs and would become a major success in the '70s, thanks to Pickett's helping hand.

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