Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Gospel Time

The Bells of Joy - Let's Talk About Jesus

The Houston record man Don Robey took credit for changing the face of recorded gospel by adding drums to gospel group recordings. Whether or not this was truly his invention is questionable (this is, after all, the man who bought songs from songwriters and then took credit for them under the nom de plume "Deadric Malone"), but today's selection was one of the first gospel hits to feature a good drum beat, and it's one of my favorites from the early '50s.


Anonymous said...

isn't Malone the person/name who got the writing credit for quite some Duke sides of Bobby "Blue" Bland?
That'd mean that this person actually bought the written songs?

But well, I might mix things up!


The Stepfather of Soul said...

Don Robey bought/stole/cheated (however you want to characterize it) so many songs it was awful. Yes it's the name on so many Bobby Bland records (John Anderson aka John KaSandra actually wrote "Ain't Nothing You Can Do," for instance).