Friday, January 06, 2006

A Classic, Pre-Diana Ross

Johnny & Jackey - Some Day We'll Be Together

Although more famously known as the final single by the Supremes before Diana Ross went solo, "Some Day We'll Be Together" was originally recorded by two of its authors, Jackey Beavers and Johnny Bristol (Harvey Fuqua was the third writer), in 1961 . Their version of the song, released on Tri-Phi under the name "Johnny & Jackey," was commercially unsuccessful. The song was dusted off by Bristol in the late '60s for Jr. Walker to record but Berry Gordy, upon hearing the new track and backing vocals, decided it would be a more fitting vehicle for Diana Ross. Originally the song was intended to be Ross' first solo single; it was later decided that the song would be a better way for Ross to make her exit from the Supremes. As such, the record was billed to "Diana Ross & The Supremes" although the original backing vocals were used. (Incidentally, Johnny Bristol is the male vocalist one hears on the Supremes single. He recorded a part as a guide vocal but a fortuitous accident resulted in his and Ross' vocals being combined, which was considered to be very good!)

The Johnny & Jackey version is featured today because it is a very good recording. In contrast to the intense, soulful energy that pushes the Supremes version, theirs has a relaxed, almost Caribbean-sounding lilt. The acoustic guitar line (used in the string intro to the Supremes single) pushes the song along and Beavers and Bristol do some nice harmonizing. It's a great alternate to the (admittedly excellent) well-known version.

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