Monday, June 19, 2006

Get on Down With Bobby Bland: Shaka-Boom-Boom-Boom!

Bobby "Blue" Bland - Keep On Loving Me (You'll See The Change)

Today's selection had a history before and after Bobby Bland had a release of it in 1970. Producer Don Davis and his Groovesville production concern had worked with the song on Steve Mancha as well as in duet form with Carla Thomas and Johnnie Taylor. In the waning days of Stax Records, the duet would be revisited as the label, desperate to put out a Johnnie Taylor single (Taylor had abandoned the sinking ship to sign with Columbia, for whom he would soon deliver "Disco Lady"), erased Carla Thomas' vocals and reissued the song (Taylor can be heard saying something along the lines of "sing it Carla," but it didn't matter, as the single didn't thrive). Bland's version features a good groove, nice background singing (hence the "shaka-boom-boom-boom" above) and Bland's great delivery.


Anonymous said...

Love the shaka-booms...
How does the Johnny Taylor 'solo' version even work? Carla sings entire verses on that Boy Meets Girl duet, and outroars Johnny 100% on every chorus! I'd love to hear the 'solo' single, just out of curiosity.

Rob Whatman said...

Jason, the above comment was me, but it came up anonymous!