Friday, June 16, 2006

It's Not Eccentric. It's Awesome.

Helene Smith - I Am Controlled By Your Love

Since the last time I mentioned the awesome Numero Group reissue label on this blog, two more volumes of the Eccentric Soul series have been released, focusing on Miami's Deep City label, the veritable prototype for Henry Stone's Alston/TK empire of the '70s (Willie Clarke, Paul Kelly, Clarence Reid and Betty Wright all were all involved), and Detroit's Big Mack label. The folks at Numero are doing an outstanding job with these compilations, and if you are a fan of soul music you really need to get your hands on every volume of the series.

Today's selection comes from the Deep City CD. Helene Smith's controlled yet immensely soulful reading of "I Am Controlled By Your Love" is one of those songs that stops one dead in their tracks on the first hearing. The sterling arrangement, great backup vocals and Smith's voice form a potent brew of soul that very few soul ballads I've heard are able to duplicate. Just listen to it. Then buy the CD.

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