Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Laura Lee!

Laura Lee - I Need It Just as Bad as You

Laura Lee's husky vocals brought a touch of sensuality but also toughness to her recordings, whether as a member of the gospel group the Meditation Singers, as a Southern soul chanteuse for Chess under the production auspices of Rick Hall, or as an empowered soul sista on her Hot Wax/Invictus sides. Soul expert and writer Colin Dilnot's excellent Laura Lee site features the singer's biography and an interview and is worth checking out (take a look at all of his blogs to see what Colin is up to!) and I will defer to it for details about Lee's life and recordings. Today's selection continues the strong woman theme, with Lee getting what's hers after her man is out in the street. A very strong message from a very strong singer.

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Scholar said...

The link for this track isn't working. No need to dwell on the negative, though---this is such a fantastic blog, this minor detail really doesn't make much difference.