Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Mystery Song, Revisited!

The Scott Brothers - Welcome Me

I posted today's selection as a "mystery tune" on the blog in March 2006. Brian Phillips identified it some time later as "Welcome Me" by the Scott Brothers and even sent me a link to an online seller of the record. The seller wanted more for it than I was willing to pay, so I continued my search for the 45 elsewhere. At a recent record fair, I was browsing through Kurt Wood's excellent stuff and a doo-wop collector who was combing through with me put a record on the turntable to test it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw "Scott Brothers" - he flipped it over and I saw "Welcome Me." I immediately blurted out that I've been looking for that record and the collector said, "well you can have it." Kurt sold it to me for a good price and I snapped it up. So today I am happy to present it again on the blog, in proper fidelity and without Paul "Fat Daddy" Johnson's voiceovers!

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