Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This Is Soul!

Jean Stanback - The Next Man

I first heard of Jean Stanback via Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, where Dave, in his usual purple prose, sang the praises of Stanback's "I Still Love You" (Peacock). Stanback's vocals thrilled me on that tune, and when I heard today's selection on The Heart of Southern Soul, Vol. 3, I was equally thrilled. "The Next Man" came out on Swamp Dogg's Mankind label (an Excello subsidiary) and it's pure soul music. The bluesy, churchy ballad is a showcase for Stanback's heavily-gospelized singing, as she catalogues how her present man did her wrong and how her next man will make it right. This tune never lets up the intensity - notice the portion where Jean does a little testifying over a quiet backdrop; at the beginning of the section one of the background singers seems to be so caught up she lets out a "holy ghost" shout!


Cies said...

Thanks for this great Jean Stanback song. Time to listen again to the Heart of Southern Soul series. Your blog and podcast bring to my attention some good music I have in my collection, but haven't listened to for a (long)while.
This together with the fact that a lot of the music you're playing is completely new for me, keeps me interested in your blog and podcast.

Blogger said...

Thanks for the info on Jean Stanback. My personal favorite is Ain’t Nothing In The Streets. grat song!