Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Gospel Time

The Ramada Singers - Stand Still Jordan

Last night I had the honor of being one of the guest DJs for "Rhythm & Booze" at El Myr in Atlanta, and it was great to get to spin again and listen and dance to so many great soul records! I managed to slip in one gospel record, the Meditation Singers' "Don't You Want to Go (Pt. 1)." Today's selection would be a good candidate for "Rhythm & Booze," but unfortunately its condition is just a bit too rough to play out. I picked it up from Kurt Wood, who also was on board for "Rhythm & Booze" last night. "Stand Still Jordan" is a nice piece of gospel soul, featuring a nice rhythm and good group singing. The record came out on Su-Ann, which was part of the HSE Records empire and, accordingly, is pretty collectible (and pricey - I saw a VG copy of this for sale online for $50!). Writing about an HSE record shames me somewhat, as I interviewed Larry Blackwell (owner of the HSE catalogue) in July 2006 but just haven't had time to sit down and craft an article about the label. Maybe gospel fans who read this blog can pester me to get it done!

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