Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tyrone Says: "He's/She's Just Not Into You!"

Tyrone Davis - Give It Up (Turn It Loose)

Today's post is partial fulfillment of an earlier promise to feature more Tyrone Davis material on this blog. In 1976 Davis parted ways with the Brunswick subsidiary Dakar Records and signed to Columbia, where he scored a few more hits before changing times ended a decade of solid hits, at least as far as R&B audiences were concerned. "Give It Up" was one of his bigger hits on Columbia, although stylistically it didn't stray too far from the sound of his Dakar hits, especially his last #1 hit, "Turning Point," which had come out in Dakar in '76. The springy groove and femme chorus provide great support to Tyrone's advice to those whose lovers were turning away from them.

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jabartlett said...

Fine stuff, especially for those of us who know Tyrone primarily for "Turn Back the Hands of Time." Thanks a lot.