Monday, November 07, 2005

Episode #1 Is Almost a Podcast!

The companion to this blog is the podcast of the same name. I have recorded and uploaded Episode #1. Now I'm going to write the RSS feed and submit it to iTunes and hopefully it will be distributed widely! It's 55 minutes of soul, with the following playlist:

1. The Emanons, "Look In The Want Ads" (opening)
2. Betty Harris, "Mean Man"
3. Jackie Moore, "Here I Am"
4. Carla Thomas, Coca-Cola Ad
5. King Coleman, "The Boo Boo Song (pt. 1)"
6. Big Maybelle, "96 Tears"
7. Howlin' Wolf, "Pop It To Me"
8. Tyrone Davis, "I'm Running a Losing Race"
9. Harold Burrage, "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"
10. Little Milton, Coca-Cola Ad
11. Joe Perkins, "I'm Not Gonna Leave"
12. Koko Taylor, "Good Advice"
13. The Olympics, "Baby Do The Philly Dog"
14. The Marvellos, "Why Do You Want To Hurt The One That Loves You"
15. Carla Thomas, "Separation"
16. Jerry Butler, "Lost"
17. Jimmy Hughes, "Lock Me Up"
18. LaVern Baker, "Wrapped, Tied and Tangled"
19. Les Cooper & The Soul Rockers, "Do The Boston Monkey"
20. Senator Jones, "Let Yourself Go"
21. Stanley Winston, "No More Ghettos in America"
22. The Lafayette Leake Trio, "After Hours" (closing theme)

For those of you who may not use iTunes or other podcast subscribers I have provided a link to the show's MP3 file. Warning - it's a big file (about 73 MB). Once I have the RSS feed prepared I will give you the link for it. Enjoy!

"Get On Down With The Stepfather Of Soul" Episode #1 (This file will be available for 90 days.)


Terena said...

Hey ya, Stoney! Looks cool. I wanna hear your podcast, though, and the file I downloaded is just a mike check kinda thing. Have you heard back from iTunes yet?

The Stepfather of Soul said...

Mike check kinda thing? Please explain.