Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Whispers In Philadelphia

The Whispers - A Mother For My Children

The Whispers are probably best known nowadays for their early '80s hits, such as "And The Beat Goes On"; the group, however, started out in 1964 and started their commercial ascent in the mid-1970s, when they plugged into with the burgeoning '70s Philly soul scene on the Janus LP "Bingo" (1974), from which today's selection comes. The Bunny Sigler/Norman Harris/Allen Felder tune kicks off with a great groove not dissimilar to the ones coming out of the Philadelphia International stable at the time (I have learned that Gamble and Huff were involved with the album, so no wonder!), and the lyrics put a twist on the broken home story often told in soul songs: here the male protagonist is stuck with the children when his woman leaves. All in all, though, the sadness of the lyrics are overcome by the chugging groove and the great group singing.

(For more info about the Whispers' work in the early '70s check out the three great posts on Soul Shower.)

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