Wednesday, November 16, 2005

JT's Fabulous Flip

Johnnie Taylor - Love Depression

One of the great things about 45s is the fun of trying out the flip side. It's a gamble at times, because sometimes the flip isn't very good but then again it may be great (the history of rock and R&B contains many stories of supposed B-sides that ended up being the hit; "The Horse" and "Can I Change My Mind" come to mind right away). When I was a kid, my mother played two records' flip sides and it wasn't until older that I learned that the other side was the hit. The first was "The Country Walk" by The Village Soul Choir (see my post below; "The Cat Walk" was the hit side). Today's selection was the other. The driving "Love Depression" was the flip of Johnnie Taylor's #1 R&B hit "I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)." It wasn't until I was in college that I even *heard* "I Believe In You" (which is probably my overall favorite JT song), and I heard on a CD!

"Love Depression" was a non-LP B-side, as it did not appear on the 1973 album "Taylored in Silk," which included the A-side. The song has since been included on the CD reissue of "Super Taylor." The song is more "down-home" than many of Taylor's Stax sides of the time, featuring an attractive guitar hook and a righteous message that is still applicable today. Cheers for the B-side!

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