Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Get on Down With Al Green!

Al Green - Beware (extended mix)
Warning - large file! (17 MB)

I had mentioned yesterday that I hoped to have the show online today, but that didn't come to pass due to some other events happening last night. Bear with me; I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow.

"Beware" was an album track on from Living For You, and is pretty long there (8 minutes or so). Basically, it's a jam session between Al and the Hi Rhythm Section, who as usual provide a churchy yet driving backdrop framed by a cautionary tale in the lyrics. I think it's a great jam and is good to see just how hot the Hi band was at the time. When I listen to it I allow myself to be enveloped by the velvet soul they lay down. This further-extended mix (15 minutes!) of the tune appeared on the 1988 rarities CD Love Ritual. Just put it on and get on down with Al Green. The Stepfather of Soul just isn't ready yet!


Steve said...

Hey man... Just wanted to say thanks for keeping this blog going! This is great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well yes, just stumbled across this blog and seems to be very promising!
Just downloaded Podcast#1 and it sounds great!
And if possible please keep on thinking of the people whose computers are too old for iTunes... (so the reguarlar "download"-thing was great for me!).
Thanks for your soulful efforts.