Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Administrative Note from The Stepfather

First of all, I am proud to say that yesterday's post became the first post to generate 100 file downloads within one day! I thank all of you for being so enthusiastic about the music I put up here and I am glad that you are stopping by regularly to sample my wares! Administratively that's problematic, though, because it increases the amount of link maintenance I must do every day. I am tempted to just put the files on my server space (as I do with the podcasts - more on that below) and dropping Go Daddy Online File Folder. My main fear there, however, is that my bandwidth will evaporate if I do daily posts. I am going to have to mull over how to make this system work more efficiently. For the time being, though, please be aware that if you try to get the file connected to a daily post and the link has expired, please be patient. I review the status of the links every morning (maybe as late as the afternoon on weekends), so if a link is expired I will generally put it back up. So if you can't get the file today, try again tomorrow!

Speaking of the server, I got notice this morning that the iTunes link for the podcast wasn't working and I found that for some reason iTunes can't pick up the file for the podcast, so I'm trying to re-upload it. But for some reason my FTP server is really not cooperating and it's not faring so well. Your patience is requested and appreciated. Hopefully this will be fixed at some point today.

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