Thursday, September 21, 2006

Podcast Download Opinions Needed

I have learned that some listeners have had problems downloading the podcast using iTunes or direct download from the site, and I find that I have problems with it myself. I contacted (my file storage / bandwidth provider) to see if there were any problems. I was told that everything was fine on their end, and they suggested that our ISPs may be terminating the transfers in response to long download times for large files. I don't know enough about computers to argue with that, so I pose these questions to you:

1. Do you have problems downloading the podcasts?

2. Would you prefer that I break the podcasts into two files? I think that if I do that the problem will be mitigated, as most people report that they can download about half of the podcast before the download stalls out or the connection with the server is reset.

Your opinions (or for those of you more computer and internet-savvy, confirmation of GoDaddy's diagnosis of the problem) are very welcome.


Larry Grogan said...

I would tend to agree with their assessment. I operate on fast (cable modem/T1) connections and never have a problem. I know that some users have had similar problems with my podcasts and it seems to be the same kind of thing, i.e. timeout.

The MERKIN MAN said...

I have been having problems too. When I play it back, I only get about a minute and a half or so.

Breaking it into pieces would work for me if it allows me to get the whole show.