Monday, September 18, 2006

A Note re Comments

I am very disappointed to note that for the second time in the last couple of months, my announcement that a new show is online has been followed by comments by an anonymous commenter who chooses not to merely comment that he doesn't like the voiceovers, but to be rude and, this time, completely vulgar. For this reason, I can only allow comments from Blogspot members, and I may change the podcast availability or the podcast format altogether. I do not spend money on bandwidth and spend time working on the show for anonymous commenters to hurl insults at me.

A note further about the voiceovers. I know that some like them and some do not. However, I have posted almost daily for the last ten months and counting, and none of them have voiceovers. The podcast is an indulgence of mine, my chance to play "radio show" with the music I love to share. I did the voiceovers because I had fun doing them, but now I'm not so sure if they are fun any more. If I decide to do them in the future, and you do not like such voiceovers, please do not listen to the podcasts.

For those of you who have been supportive of this enterprise, thank you for your kindness and your understanding. You are truly appreciated. I'm sorry if this post has a negative tone, but it's very disheartening to get the message I recieved.


Dave! said...

Apparently, someone kind of missed the point about podcasts. Like you said, it's _your_ show... dowhatchalike. They don't like v.o.? No one is putting a gun to their head and forcing them to listen. I mean, I encourage people to check out your 'cast, but even I wouldn't go that far. :)

The MERKIN MAN said...

Hey man,

The voiceovers are what makes your podcast unique. I think you have handled this tactfully.

The show wouldn't be the same without your flair.

Don't let the dumb asses get you down. Keep up the good work.


Poutine ou La Pocatière Blues said...

I havent had a chance to listen to the Pod casts yet but I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the great music and all you background info to the tunes. You've shown me some great songs for which I am greatful. Keep up the awsome work. Cheers,
Kelly B

soulbrotha said...

Hey Jason,

Sorry that someone out there is giving you fever. I say we strap him down and play Trouble by D.L.C. until there is a healing!! HAH-LAY-LOO!!

You know who this is! ;)

Red Kelly said...

Jason -

What you do is GREAT... don't let one bonehead get ya down, man!

Barry said... you know..I have a radio show..also available over the internet..heading for number 200 soon...
I am from the Old School' as much as I can in an hour..and I talk over intros....always have..always will...if someone wants a track I played..he can ask..I will send a sound file...
If someone wants a 'show' without personality...he can play his own CD's at home...keep on keeping on...send him to my webpage to get some of my shows..then he can complain to me about my talkovers..



The J said...

{GodFather - Just say the word and I will put a hit on the bum} Seriously Jason I appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog. When I was younger I didn't pay much attention to soul but know that my headbanger days are behind me I have a growing appreciation for it thanks to your blog. Remember that for every jerk out there, there are at least a hnudred silent souls that love what you are doing.

the J

soundsourcenyc said...

there is just no accounting for bad manners. you take your time to post great music and discourse about the music and people bust your hump for it. sometimes you just can't win but there are a lot of us out here who appreciate what you are doing. so just ignore the creeps and keep up the good work. i just wanna say thank you from myself and my band the cool jerks who all read and love your blog. so a big cool jerk thank you.

jabartlett said...

It's amazing how people will use the anonymity of the Internet to do things they'd never have the stones to do in person. Don't let 'em get you down. To quote a tune you once posted: "Believers Shall Enjoy, Nonbelievers Shall Suffer."

Carry on . . . .

Rob Whatman said...

Keep on keeping on, Jason! Your hard work inspired me to try out blogging for myself, and if you get the sense of achievement that I get from it, I think you would regret it if you were to let somebody stop you.

I spent a happy summer holiday in France, playing your podcasts through my ipod on the car stereo as I drove through the countryside. Everybody who drove with me, including my girlfriend's little nieces, was curious to know who you were, how you did the podcasting, found old records, old commercials, what the songs were about etc. They connected with music that they mostly couldn't understand, thanks to your presence. And after all, isn't that kind of the point behind a music called SOUL?

As Magnificent Montague says, "Put Your Hand On The Radio, Touch My Heart!" If only we could reach the hearts of stone...

Rob Whatman

TGrundy said...

Jason: I know I'm comin' to this particular party a week late and everybody else has already expressed my sentiments but I just want to get on the record and say, "DON'T CHANGE A THING" about how you produce your shows!

Your personality, enthusiasm, your musical knowledge, your very love of what you do comes shining through on those shows. That's your STYLE, man. As somebody has already said, it's what makes your shows/podcasts different, unique and above all else ENJOYABLE! This is your house, don't let nobody tell you how to run your house.

T. Grundy