Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dave Hamilton Week: The Gospel According to O.C.

O.C. Tolbert - Give It To Glory

Dave Hamilton Week here at "Get on Down ..." concludes with some "Sunday gospel time" from O.C. Tolbert, who was featured earlier in the week. Toward the end of Dave Hamilton's foray in the record business Tolbert, who by this time had found God and got into gospel music (although I use this term loosely - his vocals showed tremendous gospel experience on his soul sides). "Give It To Glory" appeared on Volume 2 of Detroit Dancers and, despite its late vintage, is very good. The song starts with some noodling by Dave and the musicians before a glissando synthesizer lick brings the groove all together. Tolbert does his thing with gusto and, despite a very strange moment in the second verse (was there a master tape problem which Ace decided to ignore in including the song on the comp?) the whole thing cooks, from the aforementioned introduction through Tolbert's recitation of Psalm 23 to the call-and-response finale.

Although Dave Hamilton week concludes with today's post, I will surely feature other Dave Hamilton material on occasion in future posts and, as Ace uncovers more goodies fom Hamilton's tapes I will present neat stuff from there also. Kudos to Ace/Kent/BGP for doing such a great job so far in bringing this obscure figure of Detroit soul to the light.

Look out here later today for the podcast!

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