Monday, May 07, 2007

Get on Down With Betty Everett on Sound Stage Seven!

Betty Everett - Hey Lucinda

Betty Everett and her recordings were recently featured here, and as promised then today's post features her 1976 Sound Stage Seven single "Hey Lucinda." By this time Everett was working with Chicago record producer Leo Austell and this Jones Girls-influenced record made its way to be one of the last 45s on SS7, which by that time had slowed to a crawl. The label, bereft of John R at the A&R helm and distributed along with its parent Monument label by CBS, had released barely more than a handful of 45s per year after 1970, the last hit being Joe Simon's "Misty Blue" from 1972, released to cash in on Simon's hits on Spring. Considering the state of SS7 by that time, it's no surprise that the record didn't go anywhere upon release, which is a shame because it's a great record. "Hey Lucinda" bumps along nicely, and Betty and the backup singers sassily give the title character warning about the man she's interested in.

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