Thursday, May 24, 2007

Going Back to the Well, Pt. 2

Clarence Carter - Let's Start Doing (What We Came Here To Do)

Clarence Carter is no stranger to "Get on Down With the Stepfather of Soul," so I'll forego any biographical narrative here. (Do check out Carter's official website, though, for some info.) Carter's last major forays into the R&B charts came at ABC, which he joined in 1974 after a successful eight or nine years working with Rick Hall and having record releases on Atlantic and FAME. On ABC he recorded three albums and got a few hits out of records like "I Got Caught Making Love" (his biggest success for the label, from the LP Loneliness and Temptation) and "Dear Abby" before he succumbed like most of his peers to the sounds of disco. "Let's Start Doing (What We Came Here To Do)" finds Carter revisiting his 1968 hit "Slip Away" and giving it a nice mid-'70s groove that works well, although he finds a moment or two to slip in his trademark chuckle.

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