Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Throwback Soul!

The Right Kind - (Tell Me) Why Did You Have to Lie

Today's selection is a nice piece of throwback soul from The Right Kind, who recorded for Galaxy at the dawn of the '70s. I don't know anything in particular about them, except to say that their best-known record, "(Tell Me) Why Did You Have to Lie," is a serious piece of throwback soul. This could clearly have been a Five Royales record from back in that group's heyday, considering the gospel call-and-response harmonies and lead vocal and the Lowman Pauling-esque guitar work that resonates throughout the track. Something this bluesy probably was eaten alive by the hit parade at the time, but it is a stunning gem that is worth hearing. (The same is true for lots of Galaxy's output, and fortunately there are several great comps that cover the material.)


s3bk said...


Do they have any LP's out? Also - what are the names of some of these Galaxy compilations which you mention? I have a Little Johnny Taylor LP on Galaxy - great stuff.


The Stepfather of Soul said...

I am not aware of any LPs by the group (I don't think they recorded prolifically enough for that, unfortunately). The Galaxy comps are "Bad, Bad Whiskey" (Fantasy) and a few from Kent, "Moaning, Groaning and Crying," "Get Your Lie Straight" and another one whose name escapes me at present (go to Ace Records' website and you can find them).