Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's All About Friends

Eddie & Ernie - Lost Friends

The fantastic thing about the internet is that it allows so many people from so many places to be connected by common interests. My knowledge of soul music grew exponentially when I started using the 'net a decade ago: suddenly there was Yoni Neeman's Soul of the Net, Greg Tormo's Solid Hit Soul, Mr. Fine Wine's "Downtown Soulville" show and Ace/Kent Records, to name a few major influences, and I soaked up the sounds and the love like a big ol' sponge. When I moved to Georgia in 2005, a little online inquiry led me to Georgia Soul's Brian Poust and then to "Rhythm & Booze" and the wonderful people who I have met in person through Brian and "R&B." Through this blog I have begun correspondences with many wonderful people from around the world. And then recently, via MySpace and then this blog, I have been able to reconnect with people I knew - both online and in real life - from so long ago but had lost contact with.

The latter point was really brought home the other weekend. When I did a post about Eddie Jefferson's "Psychedelic Sally" some time ago, I dedicated it to Loral, an online friend with whom I first ventured into sharing my love of soul music via the internet. You can imagine how suprised I was to receive this email on May 4:

"Godfather Stone!

I am overwhelmed with honor and friendship at your dedication. I still love this song, the horn recording on this is magnificent and can be heard not only through my ears but by a vibration at the very base of my spine. Definitely in the soul. Jefferson's recording of Horace Silvers' 'Psychedelic Sally' is infectious and a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed as much today as it was recorded on 'Body and Soul' in 1968. On the same album Mr. Jefferson recorded a Gospel Soul infusion which is about as genuine as it gets entitled: 'See if You Can Git to That'. Again, my deepest gratitude. I remain as always in admiration of your accomplished dream to share the roots and heart of music to humanity. Break down the barriers. Loral Sunflower

You can post this."

With that email in mind, I present Eddie & Ernie yet again, with the plaintive but powerful "Lost Friends." I am so thankful for all of my friends, even those who I have only known online. I appreciate each and every one of you who read this blog and join me in basking in the awesome sounds of soul music. Loral, you were with me in the very beginning, so today's post is yet another dedication to you.


Houman said...

Well, on the subject of friends I suppose: thank you for this blog. There's very little that fills this old goth's heart as full as good soul music, and while I thought I had a rather good knowledge of the genre, you have introduced me to some wonderful things.

Back when I worked in music retail, I used to say that we were providing the soundtrack to people's lives. Thank you for your help in providing the soundtrack to mine.

Darcy said...

I think Eddie & Ernie are soul's great secret. Thanks for this, another essential track from them.

Love the Honey & The Bees too.