Friday, May 11, 2007

A Little More Lattimore!

Lattimore Brown - Yak-a-Poo

I really don't know what happened yesterday as far as posting to the blog goes, as I had stuff prepared and yesterday wasn't too busy, but somehow I didn't get around to it. I'll save what I had in mind for later. For today, however, I revisit Lattimore Brown, who was featured in a recent post. When Brown wasn't doing deep Southern sides (Note to self - make sure to post "Bless Your Heart (I Love You)" soon!) or soulful groovers like "Bag of Tricks" he was fond of doing neat covers and crazy dance records like today's selection and "Shake and Vibrate" (pronounced by Brown as "vib-er-ate," of course). "Yak-a-Poo," a 1970 single on Renegade, is one of those loosey-goosey funky 45s that are good to take into the weekend, as Brown's patter, ostensibly directed at a female dance partner, goes nowhere in particular but the band lays down a nice funky groove with good horn charts. Get on down, y'all!

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