Thursday, August 09, 2007


1. Home Of The Groove Is Now Streaming!

I am very tickled to add to the links section of this blog the all-new Home Of The Groove Internet Radio site! The original Home of the Groove blog has been a fave of mine since I first started reading it two years ago, and I certainly commend Dan Phillips for the outstanding work he's done in showcasing the sounds of New Orleans. Kudos to Dan for getting the webcast going and I wish him luck with it!

2. Vinyl Record Day Cometh!

Sunday, August 12 is Vinyl Record Day, advocated by a nonprofit organization of the same name. The group's mission is to: "[preserve] the cultural influence, the recordings and the cover art of the vinyl record ... [to celebrate] our fondest music with friends and family ... [to promote] the future of vinyl ... [and to] nationally establish August 12, the date Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, as Vinyl Record Day." I certainly wish the organization the best in achieving these objectives.

Over at The Hits Just Keep On Comin' - a great music and radio blog helmed by J.A. Bartlett, a man whose love for both put him behind the mic for quite a few years and keeps him writing great material today - a blogswarm has been started in order to commemorate Vinyl Record Day. (See this post at the blog about the occasion to see the current list of participants, including yours truly, and if you haven't seen Bartlett's blog before, take time out to read it - it's great.) It is my plan to do my commemorative piece on Sunday but to feature other Vinyl Record Day posts from the blogswarm each day until everyone's accounted for. I am excited to be part of this event!

3. A "Get on Down ..." Special Is In The Works!

A while ago, Brian Phillips, whose "Electrophonic Sound" show can be heard at the Rockin' Radio webcast site (see links section), invited me to do an episode of the "Get on Down ..." podcast at his home, where I can avail myself of some better technologies. As we discussed this, we decided that we plan to do a jointly-hosted program where we can both share some great music. If all goes to plan the show will be recorded in a week or so. It's going to be a stone gas, honey, so look out for it!

4. It's Almost Time For "Rhythm & Booze"!

On Saturday, August 18, I'll be one of the guest DJs putting down the sounds at "Rhythm & Booze" at El Myr Burrito Lounge in Atlanta. This will be my fourth time spinning with Tim Lawrence and friends, and if I have as much fun as I did the last time (St. Patrick's Day 2007; the playlist made up Episode #16 of the podcast) I will truly be having a ball. I'll post more about "R&B" next week!

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