Monday, August 06, 2007

The Icy Hot Chuck Jackson!

Chuck Jackson - Hand It Over

Oftentimes I see descriptions of Chuck Jackson in various media refer to Jackson as being an "iceman" soul singer, a la Jerry Butler, and I really don't know if that description is accurate. It is true that a great deal of Jackson's hits for Wand in the '60s were more "uptown" or pop-oriented than those of many of his contemporaries, but Chuck's husky vocals had this roughness - and, to me, sometimes a type of madness - about them that really put over the soul of the songs.

"Hand It Over" finds Jackson taking on a very sweet lyric and giving it some pretty serious "heat." If it were sung by a softer vocalist "Hand It Over" could be a nice wedding song, but Jackson gets a growl going in his delivery that makes the song more of a demand than a plea! Kudos must also be given to the instrumental track, whose strolling rhythm was deemed good enough to cause the instrumental to be released.

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Roger said...

hand it over is a big favourite of mine. great stuff.