Friday, August 31, 2007

Say It One Time For The Brokenhearted: RIP Kip Anderson

I have learned this morning that deep soul legend Kip Anderson has passed away. Anderson was the subject of a blog post some time ago, and I'll refer you to it not so much for my writings there but for the two links I provided therein which provide information about Kip, his life, his soul career, and then his personal redemption story. Anderson's "Without a Woman," "I Went Off and Cried," "Letter for My Darling" and "You'll Lose A Good Thing" are four of my favorite southern soul sides. This weekend or next week I will have to post some Anderson stuff to commemorate his fantastic, although at the time unheralded, recordings. Rest in peace, Kip.

(UPDATE - Link corrected on 9/3/07; my apologies!)

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