Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary to "This Is Tomorrow!"

I am honored and flattered that Mike from This Is Tomorrow asked me if I would join a list of fine soul music bloggers in providing a guest mix in connection with his blog's first anniversary, and I have sent to him a half-hour mix called "Soul Feeling!" as my contribution. I don't know exactly when Mike will be posting it on his blog, but here's the playlist for the set:

1. Eddy Giles - Soul Feeling (Pt. 2)
2. Rodger Collins - Soulful Train
3. Hayes Ware - You Got Me Mama
4. Rufus Thomas - 44 Long
5. Robert Parker - The Scratch
6. Bobby Marchan - (Ain't No Reason) For Girls To Be Lonely (Pt. 1)
7. Carla Thomas - Coca-Cola Ad
8. Lee Austin - Respect
9. Percy Mayfield - Walking On A Tightrope
10. Eldridge Holmes - Pop Popcorn Children
11. Ronnie Mitchell - Soul Meeting
12. J. Hines & The Fellows - Victory Strut

When Mike puts my mix on his blog I'll make the picture above a link to the mix. In the meantime, do go to This Is Tomorrow, where mixes from Larry and Vincent (from Funky 16 Corners and Fufu Stew, respectively) are already available.

Happy Anniversary to This Is Tomorrow!

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