Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jesse Anderson!

Jesse Anderson - Let Me Back In

As this blog and those of my fellow bloggers demonstrate on a very regular basis, the world of soul music is full of "footnote" artists who, for some reason or another, just couldn't break through to national fame and success. Chicago soulster Jesse Anderson had to settle for being one of the footnotes in the Curtom Records story, leaving behind some great material on Thomas, including a version of Curtis Mayfield's "Mighty Mighty" and a bluesy record called "I Got a Problem" that made some noise in the Windy City, but not much more. Today's selection, a cover of Tyrone Davis' "Let Me Back In," finds Jesse lending his distinctive vocals to a fantastic rhythm track. The electric piano-driven groove is really the star here, and the end result is a sultry little piece of "get down."

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Unknown said...

good song.

I check out this site everyday, and want to say how much I enjoy it. Keep it up!