Friday, September 14, 2007

Spreading the Love: Dancing the Blues Away at Souled On!

Over the last two months your ever-lovin' Stepfather of Soul has been one collaborating mo'fo', having participated in The Hits Just Keep On Comin''s J.A. Bartlett's Vinyl Record Day blogswarm with my story of how vinyl shaped me, having provided a guest mix to This Is Tomorrow as part of that blog's first anniversary, having recorded Episode #20 of the "Get on Down ..." podcast with Brian Phillips of The Electrophonic Sound of Brian Phillips, and having Gregory Rose do a guest post and joining in on a mix featuring the legendary Jr. Walker. It's been a blast, because in the midst of all of these collaborative efforts I have been able to feel the love that all of us bloggers, podcasters, and soul fans have in our hearts for this great music. I'm glad to say that the love continues in today's post.

The Scholar from Souled On has welcomed a series of guest bloggers recently, and I was honored to be included in that fine list. My contribution has been added to the blog, so click the picture below and enjoy my mix of '60s soul dance tunes entitled "Dance the Blues Away!"

Many thanks to the Scholar for inviting me to participate. If any of you, dear readers, have not been checking out what he's doing over at Souled On, make it appointment reading! It's great stuff!

(EDITOR'S NOTE - This weekend or on Mondy I will continue to commemorate the life and work of Bobby Byrd, whose recent passing was discussed in yesterday's post.)

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