Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Is Soul Blues Day!

Jimmy Lewis - Don't Get Mad, Get Even

I know usually I reserve "Tuesday Is Blues Day" for more traditional blues material and "Soul Blues Saturday" for soul blues stuff, but today I'm switching it up a little. Jimmy Lewis is no stranger to the blog (he's probably among the top three subjects), so I'll jump right into this tasty ballad from Jimmy's Miss Butch album Never Met a Woman I Didn't Like. "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" finds Lewis using the "Woman to Woman" "phone call" song structure to discuss an affair between his wife and Mrs. Williams' husband and his novel solution to the problem. This is pure, unadulterated Southern Soul, and Lewis makes the most of it. As I mentioned in my discussion of his "No Chicken Wings" from the same album, I could see Joe Tex doing this, or, come to think of it, Clarence Carter could really make hay with this one!


s3bk said...

Hi Godfather

I always love my Jimmy Lewis! After having linked to your other Jimmy Lewis postings are there any Miss Butch era CD's you highly recommend (and please do not say all of them!). I am about to pull the trigger on "Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like" and "That Baby Ain't Black Enough".

Thanks as always

The Stepfather of Soul said...

I think those two CDs are actually the best ones, as they contain the big soul-blues airplay hits and some of the stronger material. Your mileage may vary - I find that Lewis' Miss Butch recordings don't make for solid "play-all-the-way-through" albums; I find certain tunes to be great, but some stuff demonstrates the weaknesses of the "soul blues" format.

Ben The Balladeer said...

Jimmy Lewis!!!!,
love his approach to Soul especially his lyrics.

pride said...

maaaan... this song is killin it... =D