Saturday, September 15, 2007

Keep On Doin' the Do, Byrd!

Bobby Byrd & The J.B.'s - Doin' the Do

The passing of JB associate Bobby Byrd has sent shock waves throughout the realm of funk fandom, and tributes to Bobby are starting to spring up: here's one from Flea Market Funk that includes one of my favorite Bobby Byrd records, and O-Dub at Soul Sides is showing plenty of love. Today's selection is a cut that was previously unissued until the issue of James Brown's Funky People Part Three a few years ago. "Doin' the Do" is a jam session featuring a catchy stepper's intro before Byrd starts working some "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved"-styled lyrics around a simple but engaging funk groove by the Bootsy-era J.B.'s. As the song pushes along, the guitar work builds in intensity, and although the overall result is pretty unfocused (which probably caused the tune to remain in the can in favor of tighter material like "I Know You Got Soul"), it's good for a head-nodding, toe-tapping good time.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - I'm going to start putting together the playlist for "Get on Down ..." #21 this weekend, and I plan to feature more Bobby Byrd as part of the tribute to Bobby and Kip Anderson that will make up a portion of the show.)

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