Sunday, July 01, 2007

And Now #19!

Episode #19 of the podcast is now available! No voiceovers this time, just 60 minutes of soul power! Here's the playlist:

1. J.J. Jackson - Fat, Black & Together
2. The T.S.U. Toronados - Getting In The Corners
3. Harmon Bethea - She's My Meat
4. The Kool Blues - I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You
5. Dino & Doc - Mighty Cold Winter
6. Sam & Dave - Soul Sister Brown Sugar
7. Calvin Arnold - Funky Way
8. Viceroy Cigarettes Ad
9. J.J. Barnes - Evidence
10. Ralph "Soul" Jackson - Don't Tear Yourself Down
11. Candi Staton - I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')
12. The Ovations - Rockin' Chair
13. Ronnie Love - Detroit, Michigan
14. Buddy Conner - Half Way Loving
15. Jerry Williams - Shipwrecked
16. Jo Ann Garrett - We Can Learn Together
17. Ruby Andrews - You Made A Believer Out Of Me
18. Boones Farm Apple Wine Ad
19. The Vibrations - Cause You're Mine
20. Bobby McClure - Peak Of Love
21. Alvin Cash - Keep On Dancing
22. Little Eva Harris - Get Ready-Uptight
23. Paul Flagg - Love Get Off My Shoulder
24. The Presidents - Peter Rabbit


s3bk said...


Why no voiceover? I miss the commentaries and the play by play of who has been singing.


The Stepfather of Soul said...

I had planned to do voiceovers (and I even picked the J.J. Jackson track just so I could crack wise about being "fat, black and together") but decided to just record the show because I didn't have time to do them.

Preston said...

TSU-- go Tornadoes!
In addition ot these funky players, Latimore is an alum as well. Quite a tradition!

Stuart Palmer said...

If cigarettes are that funky, I think I may start.