Friday, July 06, 2007

B.B. King, Cool Breezin'

B.B. King - Baby, I'm Yours

I've written often about B.B. King's forays into soul music that were made in the '70s, so I'll forego any discussion of that here. B.B.'s cover of Barbara Lewis' "Baby I'm Yours" is kind of jarring at first, because in Lewis' hands the Van McCoy-penned song was a flawless gem of teen girl pop-soul, so hearing a man, B.B. King no less, sing it is odd. But with repeated listenings the warmth of King's vocals, ably backed by a male chorus a la "I Like To Live The Love," makes this rendition really work. It's a nice piece of "cool breeze" soul to wrap up a week with.

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jabartlett said...

Great to see/hear BB King here today. The Mrs. and I saw him at Summerfest in Milwaukee. What a showman, at age 81. A real treat.