Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Is Blues - No, Wait, It's Chicago Soul - Day!

Junior Parker - I'm So Satisfied

I've written about Junior Parker quite a few times on the blog, so I'll jump right into discussing today's selection. "I'm So Satisfied" is the flip to Junior's Blue Rock classic "Ain't Gon' a Be No Cuttin' Loose." It's a cover of "I'm Satisfied," which Otis Clay had done for One-Derful! a few years earlier, and the substitution of Parker's cool tenor for Clay's gospel fire really works. I believe that had Junior not passed away in 1971 he would be a serious force in the soul-blues world, because he could really handle either half of that mixture.

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Preston said...

love, LOVE, Little Junior Parker-- what might have been? Step, I think you're onto it when you say he would have been a giant in soul blues along with Bobby Bland.
I read an interview with Johnny Taylor, and he said that one thing that inspired him to go into showbiz was growing up across the street from Parker in West Memphis. Can you believe that? Star power on the streets of West Memphis!
Thanks for the great tune.