Friday, July 13, 2007

Get on Down With Wilson Pickett and Tele House!

I found this on YouTube last night while looking at some vintage Chicago television clips. Dig Wilson Pickett, shilling Dance Dance Dance, a dance oldies compilation, for Tele House Records (also known as Dynamic House and, most famously, as Adam VIII, Ltd.; these guys were K-Tel's major competitor throughout the '70s). I suppose this is from the mid-70s, and it features Pickett and a group of dancers enjoying some good music. It's interesting how Tele House chose to market the set (which is, not surprisingly, R&B-heavy) as "rock and roll" and how, accordingly, Pickett is surrounded in the commercial by mostly white people. It's a great comp, though - although it's hard to see due to the fading of the video, the scrolling track list includes everything from Jimmy McCracklin's "The Walk" through to Rufus Thomas' "(Do The) Push and Pull"! Makes me want to spring for the $10.98 to get the 8-track tapes!

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