Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The King of Soul-Funk-Blues Harmonica!

Little Sonny - Sonny's Bag

Little Sonny and his soul-funk-blues thing has been covered in a prior post, so I'll forego additional discussion. Today's selection initially appeared on Episode 13 of the podcast, but I'm feeling its groove today. "Sonny's Bag" was the instrumental flip of "We Got a Groove," Sonny's last 45 for Revilot before he moved on to Stax, and although the tune isn't very flashy, there's something about the guitar work in the background and the organ interplay on this one that I really enjoy, and has made it a favorite of mine ever since I first heard it (although it was only a backdrop for DJ patter) on "Downtown Soulville" a few years ago.

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