Monday, July 30, 2007

I Don't Know Much About It, But I Know I Like It!

Judy Green - I Can't Get Along Without You

As you know, there are times on this blog that I can only say "I don't know much about ..." in reference to some selections that I feature. Sometimes you, the great readers of this blog, come through with nuggets of information, and I am grateful to receive it. Well, today's selection falls within this category, and as always, information is welcome.

I was hipped to Judy Green's "I Can't Get Along Without You" by Kurt Wood, who played it at "Rhythm & Booze" in June. I was taken by the nice groove and good horn work, so I began to seek out the Klondike 45 immediately and got a copy in the following month. My knowledge about the record is very minimal: I know that Klondike Records was a subsidiary of the Holiday Inn label, which was set up by Sam Phillips after he had sold Sun Records to Shelby Singleton (Phillips was an investor in the motel chain), and that Tee Fletcher, the song's writer, is known for his Georgia soul records for Tragar and Shurfine, among others. Beyond that bare-bones information, all I do know is that "I Can't Get Along Without You" is a nice slab of early-'70s Memphis soul, featuring good singing by Green (whose vocals remind me of Judy Clay somewhat), fine background vocals and a horn line that makes me wonder if the words "Memphis Horns Inc." are to be separated from Fletcher's name in the run-on credits at the bottom of the label to establish that the Memphis Horns (Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson and company) are involved with the record. If anyone has any further info let me know. In the meantime, ignorance is bliss, because the groove's just too good!

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J said...

Thanks, really great track, she has a nice voice hasn't she and you're right: the groove's just to good!
Like your blog! So much great (unknown)music!