Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Deep Soul of Jean Knight

Jean Knight - A Little Bit of Something (Is Better Than All of Nothing)

The jaunty, reggae-tinged funk and sassy lyrics of Jean Knight's 1971 smash hit "Mr. Big Stuff" is one of the most-recognized tracks of '70s soul, being interpolated into commercials (I remember the "Oreo Big Stuff" cookies ads from the '80s) and being sampled in Everlast's rock ode to the '70s, "AM Radio" (which is being used in commercials now). Although Knight would never even come close to hitting at that level again, her recorded output of the '60s and '70s contained lots of good soul and funk tracks. Today's selection came from the Mr. Big Stuff LP. "A Little Bit of Something" shows Knight's deep soul side to marvelous effect.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Big Stuff was such a perfect single. Excellent arrangement and performance. It was interesting to hear her singing a less up tempo song. I like the piano and the sweet backing vocals.