Monday, March 27, 2006

Get on Down With Albert Collins!

Albert Collins - Do the Sissy

The late blues legend Albert Collins was known as "The Iceman," and for good reason: besides Collins' penchant for titles referring to coldness and ice ("Frosty," "Sno-Cone," etc.), his guitar work was sharp and stinging, jabbing at the listener and withdrawing into bass notes. Although Collins didn't really make his mark until hooking up with Alligator in the late '70s, Collins' '50s and '60s sides for Hall, Imperial and other labels present some awesome blues, soul and funk. I'll defer to Larry Grogan's excellent article on Collins to cover them in more detail. Today's selection is a burbling, syncopated funky 45 that is one of my favorite Collins sides from that era. "Do the Sissy" starts with a bullfighter's fanfare but immediately settles down into a very stripped-down groove over which Collins, like a prize fighter, bobs, weaves and jabs his guitar lines, punctuated by his occasional shouts of "Do the Sissy!" or just "Sissy!" Hot stuff, I tell you.

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Anonymous said...

Saw Albert Collins many times during 1968 - 1968 when he was performing at either Winterland or Fillmore. Those were the days!!!

Thanx for this one.

Regards from an expatriot now living in Oz