Sunday, March 26, 2006

Get on Down With Gloria Spencer!

Gloria Spencer - I Got It

Gospel singer Gloria Spencer was billed (and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records) as "The World's Heaviest Gospel Singer," weighing in at 615 pounds. Although Spencer herself didn't seem to be too upset at such sideshow billing (her infamous recording of "I'll Fly Away" begins with a macabre monologue about Spencer's larger (628 lbs.) sister's funeral - how she had to be the pattern model for her sister's burial shroud and details regarding the size of the casket, the need for a truck to haul the body, etc.), seeing album covers trumpeting her size are somewhat disturbing in today's more politically-correct climate. Fortunately, Spencer's music is very good despite the carnival surroundings. The early disco groove of "I Got It" made the song popular in the early disco clubs and makes the song a cinch to appear here. Get on down with the gospel!

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Anonymous said...

Bizarre hardly describes it. There's more over at > - However, she can belt out a tune. That's makes her a keeper in my book. Thanks for the post!