Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TV's Most Famous Theme Song

Quincy Jones - The Streetbeater (Theme to "Sanford and Son")

I really don't think I need to say anything about today's selection, as it is probably one of the best-known theme songs in American television history. The funky jazz theme to "Sanford and Son," with its bass and guitar intro and sax melody, will live on as long as someone, somewhere, broadcasts the reruns of the hit 1972-77 series. This is the full-length version of the tune from the 1973 Quincy Jones LP You've Got It Bad Girl, which is a great album in its own right, not just for "The Streetbeater" and the title track, but for a snazzy jazz number called "Chump Change," which game show buffs recognize as the theme to "Now You See It" (1974-75, 1989) and TV trivia buffs also recognize as the theme to the short-lived 1974 series "The New Bill Cosby Show."


MadPriest said...

I'm sorry and in no way am I disrespecting your taste in music, I usually love it, but Quincy Jones is just so bland. So safe. There's no edge and little soul. Comparing this track to, say, the funk from the Blaxploitation soundtracks of the time, is like comparing Kenny G to Coltrane.

The Stepfather of Soul said...

Rev, there is no offense taken. This is indeed a "safer" selection than many, but it just jumped at me when I was thinking about what to post. Tomorrow it will be "better" lol.

Anonymous said...


I'm hardly looking for this Quincy Jones LP which includ Summer in the city i think.

Is there any chance to get it whole ?

Thank you

erik hogstrom said...

I could see myself blaring this out the car windows while driving on a hot summer day... Now I just have to wait a few months to try it out!