Thursday, March 16, 2006

From the King Pins to the Kelly Brothers

The King Pins - You're Using Me

The Kelly Brothers:
You're That Great Big Feelin'
I'll Be Right There

To close out the series on the Kelly Brothers I present three selections. The King Pins track features T.C. Lee on lead and a the use of Etta James' "oh oh" chorus from "Something's Got a Hold on Me." "You're That Great Big Feelin'" was the B-side to "Falling in Love Again"; this nice up-tempo groover features Robert Kelly's lead and more than a passing reference to Tommy Tucker's hit "Hi-Heeled Sneakers." "I'll Be Right There" is an unissued Excello track that again features Robert on lead. As with "I Just Walk On," I don't know why this didn't get released. The group really does its thing over a strutting groove.

Stay tuned tomorrow for TSOBB!

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