Thursday, March 02, 2006

Get on Down With Al Green! (Again)

Al Green - Get Back Baby

I was unable to get the show online last night, and tonight I have school, so I PROMISE I'll get the show recorded and online on Friday night. So today we have to "Get on Down" with someone else, because The Stepfather of Soul isn't ready yet!

Today's funky thing comes from Al Green's first album for Hi, Green Is Blues. Green and producer Willie Mitchell hadn't worked out the smooth Memphis soul sound that would turn Al into the megastar he would very shortly become. Instead, Al brings a brassy, Otis Redding/Arthur Conley approach to his vocals on many of the album's tracks. "Get Back Baby" is clearly a throwaway jam, but it's mighty good, not so much for Al's disjointed lyrics but for the awesome backing track and its great horn lines. Although it's understandable why Green abandoned this type of performance within a year or so, the early Hi tracks are exciting and enjoyable in their funky, white-hot energy and I enjoy them just as much as his smoother masterpieces.

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