Saturday, March 18, 2006

Eddy G's Soul Feeling!

Eddy "G" Giles - Soul Feeling (Pt. 2)

Eddy Giles is best known to soul fans for this strutting Southern soul classic "Losin' Boy." Giles' other recordings for Murco, Silver Fox and Stax (a one-off remake of "Losin' Boy") are also very good, and a great many of them are included on the excellent Kent anthology of Murco sides, Shreveport Southern Soul, which is a must-buy for any serious soul fan. The two-part funky jam "Soul Feeling" was not included on that anthology, but that situation has been rectified by the inclusion of both parts on the BGP CD Southern Funkin'- Louisiana Funk And Soul 1967-75. Today's selection, like many "Part Two" sides of funky 45s, finds Giles letting go of the limited verse-and-chorus of the A-side and just letting the funk flow as it may from the almost heavy-handed band. From his opening scream onward, you know you're in for a funky good time. I mean, what else can it be, when you have lyrics like "everybody's talking about 'give the drummer some' / my drummer's got so much soul, he just takes what he wants"?


Arvind said...

The vocals are electrifying on Soul Feeling Part 1. I'll have to check out Soul Feeling Part 2. When were these tracks recorded?

The Stepfather of Soul said...

I believe "Soul Feeling" came from 1967.