Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Loving Me Some Don Covay!

Don Covay - Take This Hurt Off Me

After yesterday's post I realized that I also wanted to feature today's fine selection. After several years of recording on various labels, Don Covay's 1964 hit "Mercy, Mercy" ushered him into his most successful era. "Take This Hurt Off Me" was the follow-up to "Mercy" and naturally borrows from the earlier hit, but it's a very engaging tune with a relaxed groove and good singing from Covay, craggly falsetto overdubs and all. After "Mercy" and "Take This Hurt Off Me" Covay re-signed with Atlantic (who had released his very first solo 45, "Bip Bop Bip," under the name "Pretty Boy" back in 1957) and would stay with the label for the rest of the decade. (It should also be noted that future rock guitar legend Jimi Hendrix was one of Don Covay's Goodtimers at the time of the two Rosemart singles!)

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