Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Number Nine!

The new episode of the show is now available as a direct download, via RSS feed, or (within a day or so, I hope) iTunes! The playlist is as follows:

1. The Orlons, "Spinnin' Top"
2. Joe Tex, "If Sugar Was As Sweet As You"
3. John Lee Hooker, "She's Mine"
4. Phillip Mitchell, "Keep On Talking"
5. Etta James, "You Got It"
6. James Duncan, "Mr. Goodtime"
7. Carla Thomas Coca-Cola Ad
8. Singin' Sammy Ward, "What Makes You Love Him"
9. Inez & Charlie Foxx, "Come By Here"
10. Maskman & The Agents, "My Wife, My Dog, My Cat"
11. Bo Diddley, "Do The Frog"
12. Robert Parker, "The Hiccup"
13. The Fantastic Johnny C, "Hitch It To The Horse"
14. Carla Thomas & Jerry Butler Coca-Coal Ad
15. The Panic Buttons, "O-Wow" (background music)
16. Azie Mortimer, "You Can't Take It Away"
17. The Persianettes, "It Happens Every Day"
18. Howard Tate, "How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark"
19. Moses & Joshua Dillard, "Get Out Of My Heart"
20. Jackie Ross, "Jerk And Twine"
21. The Hearts, "Don't Let Me Down"
22. The Faithful Wonders, "Ol' John (Behold Thy Mother)"
23. Johnny Adams, "I'm Grateful"
24. Booker T. & The M.G.'s, "Steve's Stroll" (closing theme)


jumbobuzzard said...

Although I haven't gotten to #9 yet, i wanted to post a thank you - your shows have helped me pass many a work day with some small measure of sanity. Thanks for all the great records, and for taking the time and effort to put them together. For those about to groove, we salute you!

Phillie_Phanatic said...

*in Homer Simpson voice* "WOO HOO! #9!! YESSSS!!!"

-dances around like the drunk aunt/uncle at the family cookout-