Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's "R&B" Time: I'm From Carolina!

Bird Rollins - Love Man From Carolina

In keeping with the "Rhythm & Booze" as church and school theme, here's a tune that I first heard in a set Brian Poust did some months ago. If I recall, he told me this was a Georgia soul record that gained release on Calla, and that's about all I know. I've learned that it is a popular record on the Northern Soul scene and appears on several Northern Soul comps. It's a nice piece of dancefloor fluff, featuring Rollins' exuberant vocals and some chick chorus call-and-response about 3/4 of the way through. It's fun stuff.

Look out tonight for the first set podcast!

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Agent45 said...

Hmmmm, maybe a couple stories running together there? As far as I know the only GA related 45 on Calla is by The Naturals (with Johnny Simon of The Wallace Brothers). OR...maybe that whiskey at El Myr really does work! :) Enjoyed your sets at Rhythm & Booze too, by the way.