Wednesday, July 12, 2006

King's Cool Harmony

The Solars - Here's My Heart

The two King Northern Soul CDs from Kent are worth checking out, as they present a nice range of material from the under-comped King labels. Today's selection was produced by James Brown associate Bud Hobgood and features some great harmony singing and attractive horn charts. This tune appears on the second volume of the series and is a highlight of the disc.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Special thanks to Larry Blackwell, Sr., who granted me a great interview last night about Hoyt Sullivan and the HSE gospel music label. In a few weeks I will post an article derived from the interview.)


JRS said...

Have you finished your article on the HSE gospel label yet ?
Will it also deal with the associated Hoyt Sullivan label's
Su-Ann, True Joy, HSH, Sav-All, Ken-Tone and JSJ.
There is quite a bit of interest in the output of these labels.
A US based friend of mine, John Glassburner, is also researching the set-up & has been trying to track Larry Blackwell down.
He has many of Hoyt S released records from the 70's & has been posting some of them (as jpegs) on the Sendspace web site.
I'm sure he would love to hear from you....... his e-mail address is
JR Smith; UK

JRS said...

further to your short piece on the Kent CD releases....
I am a close friend of Ady Croasdell who runs Kent. I attend (& help out at) his annual Cleethorpes Soul Weekender held here in the UK -- last year the live acts were Darrow Fletcher & Carl Carlton.
Ady also commissioned me to write the CD booklet notes to the Kent CD 'The Definitive Impressions Part 2' back in 2003.
I have my own blog page --- the Soulsmith Spot.