Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jimmy Jones, The Bobbettes, A Tandem Post, and "Rhythm & Booze"!


Jimmy Jones & The Sensationals - Been In The Storm

Although the bass singer was an important part of most male groups in the golden era of gospel, providing rhythmic support and, in the case of singers such as the Dixie Hummigbirds' Willie Bobo, rhythmic virtuosity, very few rose to the level of Jimmy Jones, whose fame initially came as a member of the Harmonizing Four. Jones was able to provide much more than the "boom-de-boom-boom" most bassos provided, stepping up as a lead singer and creating amazing records as a result. Today's selection, a post-Harmonizing Four recording, finds Jones' vocals framed by excellent harmony singing by The Sensationals.

EDITOR'S NOTE - Thanks to the MadPriest for giving me a clean MP3 of this great tune!

SUNDAY NORTHERN SOUL - Face The World With The Bobbettes (And Rob Whatman)!

The Bobbettes - I've Gotta Face The World

Today's post is a first for this blog - it's part of a tandem post with the "Brown Eyed Handsome Man," Rob Whatman. A few weeks ago I put on my "Mystery/Wanted" list The Bobbettes' 1966 RCA single "I've Gotta Face The World." As Rob mentions in his post, he dropped a nice piece of change to get a copy of the 45, and he so graciously shared the MP3 of the single with me. We agreed to do a tandem post to cover both sides of the great record. I will defer to Rob's post for the details about the group. I first heard "I've Gotta Face The World" on a June 1966 aircheck of Johnny Lloyd from WOOK, Washington, D.C. The surging Northern Soul groove, strong singing, and uplifting lyrics caught my attention right away, and I began a quest for the song, which Rob fortunately resolved. Take a listen to it and I think you'll be captivated also. The flip, "Having Fun," has appeared on a few comps and you can hear it on Rob's post.

A Note About "Rhythm & Booze"

Last night's "Rhythm & Booze" was a blast! I thank Tim Lawrence for the opportunity to do my thing and play some great 45s. Kurt Wood was also in town, so we shared guest duties, and as always it was great to hear him spin also. I look forward to joining Tim again in the future. This week's posts will be "Rhythm & Booze" themed, so get ready to get on down!

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